apres beautification™

Well, I had a really nice afternoon. Subwayed down to the West Village where Violet & Family are staying in her childhood apartment 17 floors up with a fabulous view from which we watched it pour after a yummy lunch of left over Thai food that her husband Joe nuked while Harlan napped.

Violet and I caught up on soap opera stuff, yes, we are proud almost life long All My Children fans, and shoes. We are both shoe addicted and like pretty much the same styles. We're both tall and have less than dainty feet ...

After Harlan woke we had a photo session. He is adorable, almost 3 and on the go constantly.

When we were sure it wasnt going to rain again Violet and I headed out to Union Square Farmers Market but got side tracked by a lingerie store, another shared vice, so that by the time we got to Union Sq it looked as if it was going to rain again ... I decided NOT to go to Trader Joe's ... so we hugged and hugged and hugged some more before I hopped the subway home. When I got out of the subway up here ... it was, you guessed it POURING.. lucky for me Violet lent me an umbrella .. just in case.

Yes, aims, I took Carolyn's suggestion and trademarked beautification™ ... I do believe I coined that as a .. verb? .. so if you use it, you must note the ™ .

ScrappySue, I promise to go to Trader Joe's with you. I think I need someone to go with so I dont keep putting it off ... they are supposed to be a super food market with lots of fresh and interesting foods.