what's in your bag?

Its the last day in May and I have faithfully posted a blog a day!

Cheers subside

Thank you. It was actually my pleasure.

I - notice the segue - was commenting to (or is it on) a blog that David recommended and I got interested as I often do and read more.

One of the posts was called What's In Your Bag? I think this is sort of sexist because I dont think all that many men carry bags... okay, gym bags, duffle bags, camera bags .. point taken .. so maybe its not sexist.

Anyway ... the blogger is ScrappySue and I have stolen her idea ... tho if truth be told, and I do want to tell the truth, I believe she was tagged to do this ... nevertheless I am taking this idea and running with it.

Here's the bag I have been toting this week ...

Its a sexy red leather by Carla Mancini (BritGalSarah would love it) with both arm straps and shoulder straps, I dont use the actual shoulder straps because the others are tall enough to accommodate my shoulder. There are lots of pockets: outside pocket where I keep the iPhone, inside zippered pocket as well as an inside cellphone or PDA pocket.

Inside is my wallet, a make-up bag, a packet of Kleenex, my iPod Shuffle that I keep in that clever little zippered mesh bag (that way the ear bud cords dont get twisted like fuscilli), a very adorable change purse shaped like a frog (I call him the magic frog because there's always the right change inside), a pouch with Chantecaille "Real Skin" translucent make up w/sunscreen! , a lipstick in a little lipstick case that has a little mirror (it was my mother's), a small mesh zippercase with spare camera batteries and of course my iPhone .. and the camera.

And my keys, I forgot them .. and the pen and the Werther's Original hard candies...

Interesting - perhaps only to me, but nevertheless - I took pictures of all these things with my camera and then realized I had no photo of the actual camera .. so I used my iPhone and the photo was better ... no glare .. so I re-took all the pictures with the iPhone and now that I have enlarged them they look grainy. Told you it was going to be interesting only to me.

photographed & posted by daryl