Tag .. I'm it.

Momma tagged me .. 

The Rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you (that's me) <-- I c/p this and I am confused, what a surprise!, I linked to her blog up there ... see the link?  Good.

Moving right along

2. Post the rules on your blog  <-- that would be my blog and I am ... 

3.  Write six (6) random things about you in your blog post  <-- random?  How can they be random if you have to sit and think about what to post .. huh?  Eh?

4.  Tag six (6) people in your post  <-- well, okay .. but don't get pissed at me for this ... 

5.  Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog <-- done !

6.  Let the tagger know your post is up <-- and done!!


Six random things about me ... if you've been reading my blog I doubt any of the following will be news .. 

  1. I am a mean girl ... really
  2. I love MY cats .. the rest not so much, this does not make me anti-cat ... (is this one or two random things?  Okay, I will count it as 1)
  3. I always wanted to learn to play piano but my mother said I would never practice .. she was likely right
  4. I love to take photographs, I used to paint but gave it up because I shoot so much better than I paint
  5. I have recently begun to make Toons.  They aren't wonderful but they are fun
  6. I do not color my hair.  Okay, listen .. you wouldn't believe how many women actually ask me if I color my hair.  Recently being a mean girl when asked I said 'yes, I use Miss Clairol #86'
I am now tagging the following unsuspecting souls: