the great window box plantathon

Boy do I ever need my beautification™ today.

Yesterday when I got home from the office Husband had begun to prepare for the great window box plantathon.

He vacuumed and moved things out of the way so that I could get to the windows and wash them.

First the outside.

Then the inside.

I had to move all the junk, tschachkas, collected bric-a-brac from the window shelves and clean them up too …

Husband unpacked the begonias and helped me mix the old window box dirt with the new … I added fertilizer, Osmacote, which was provided by my green thumb friend Shevawn (who also sent me the begonias).

I should explain since planting a window box does not compare to what some of you ... CrazyCath, Snootyprimadona, Mental P Mama or Tsannie do in their real live sized gardens.

Every spring since forever I planted morning glories from seeds and lovely vines grew tall and most often flowered in October.

The flowers were a fringe benefit.  The vines climbed (urged on by Husband’s helping hand) the lovely wrought iron in front of our windows.  Husband had a system he perfected with string and we almost always managed not to kill more then one vine during the training procedure ... 

This is how it used to be.

Well, over the last few springs not all the seeds I planted sprouted and those that did weren’t very strong nor did they ever flower.

I whined about this incessantly to Shevawn and anyone else foolish enough to listen to me.

She decided to find flowering greenery that would thrive in the next to no sun we get.

Early this week the plants arrived … Dragon Wing Begonias! 

Packed in this clever thing that keeps them from falling out but also stymied Husband who insisted they had to be pushed up the bottom … WAIT … the hold-em in place thingie needs to be removed first!

Anyway ... windows got washed, tschachkas got dusted/washed and plants got planted

AND we had fun doing it … Husband enjoyed being the photographer and I enjoyed getting my hands VERY dirty.

Boy do I need that manicure now!