whiney wednesday

Okay my whine of today is about Pitney Bowes online shipping program called SendSuite.

This new software is almost identical to the one we had before which by the way was NOT broken ... anyway ... TPTB (The Powers That Be) announced SendSuite's installation effective Monday, April 28th.

There was no link to it on our intranet (internal computer network)on Monday ... the link didnt show up until Tuesday and it didnt work properly.

In addition to having to go through 5 screens (links you click on) FIVE SCREENS to get to the ACTUAL connection when you got there your log in didnt work. Didn't work.

Those of us who work for IMPORTANT PEOPLE get one on one help (not that all of us need it) ... we had private instruction (which NOT all of us needed) and we had people hopping to help ... not that they did.

After much ado, MANY emails back and forth TPTB imported my address book into the new software program.

They entered it twice ... TWICE!

The names were entered FIRST name FIRST ... so if you are looking for Joe Smith, you look under J ... under J!


This did not please me.

I dont look people up by their first name ... nor I suspect do 99.99% of the NORMAL people in this world ... a fact I repeatedly expressed and not in the most lady-like of ways.

Manny, the Pitney Bowes rep, came to personally help me understand that this is how it is ... and while he concedes with snake oil salesman charm that this is a design flaw ... a design flaw .. there is nothing that can be done ... nothing that can be done.

I used my meanest mean girl attitude and said fuck at least as many times as Colin Firth said penis on The Daily Show ... to his credit Manny never flinched once nor did he reply in like manner. He APOLOGIZED.

I dont want no stinkin' apologies.

I want an address book with the contacts listed LAST Name, FIRST name.

Oh. There's more.

And in place of "title" they have a field labeled Description .. DESCRIPTION?

ALL my contacts have the word NONE listed in the description field.

Manny has no idea why.

I am sure its just a design flaw.

A design flaw ... Holy Bob!