there's a full moon


I started my day busing across town to the far eastside to have my yearly GYN check up.

I rode the bus from Riverside Drive to York Avenue literally from the furthest point west to the furthest point east on the island of Manhattan.

I got off the bus and walked to 425 E. 67 St and thought the building looked different to me.

So I looked at my iPhone contact list and realized my doctor's office is at 245 E. 67St. A long 3 block walk. By the way, the weather person said it was in the 60's so I dressed for it.

Its not.

I was COLD.

After my appointment, yes, thanks, everything is fine, I bus downtown, then across town to my office.

I wasnt here 10 minutes when the phone rang.

Security was calling VP Finance to inform him he had a visitor/guest .. Oh and by the way, the security guard asks, what's his extension?

I hesitate for a moment to ponder that because the call came in on HIS extension. I tell the guard the extension and say please send Mr. W up to the SIXTH floor.

I tell VP Finance (whose assistant is off somewhere) that his guest is on the way up and I go back to catching up on emails.

Top of the email list is one from the Architect Person.

Here's what she wrote:

"I am following up the details for fabricating your cork board. Can I come by quickly to talk about it?"

I reply:

"All I want is simple plain ordinary corkboard .. I spoke to someone right after we moved, he made notations and said it was no problem. Cork .. plain cork.

If you want to come talk about it I’ll be here but I don’t see what we need to talk about .. its CORK .."

She then emails:

"Ok it’s CORK, got it…

Here is what I’d like to propose, color will be a light to medium tone, cork texture will be as smooth as possible, in other words you’ll see no “chunks of cork” and I’d like it to be frameless, so that it will just be a long run of uninterrupted cork. However, if we must frame it, I’ll try to minimize to as few sections as possible. Is this okay?

As you know giving someone what they want when it involves aesthetics is never quite that simple."

I reply:
"To me cork is cork is cork .. I don’t care what color it is or if it has seams or a frame .. I just want it ASAP .. for me it really is that simple."

She emails:
"Okay, thank you. Sketch will be done today and issued for production, I will give you an ETA as soon as I know it"

I am glad this is email because if it was in person I would have had to kill her.

I met with someone 3 weeks ago who measured and assured me the CORK board would be installed by the time I got back from vacation.

Of course he lied.

As I am thinking about this the Furniture Guy, who I spoke with yesterday about getting a 20x15 AND NO LARGER than 20x15 table for a scanner, walks in pushing a cart which he says is for the scanner.

At that moment the guest/visitor to see the VP Finance arrives.

It seems he was sent to the 17th floor (sounds just like 6th floor doesnt it?) where he was asked if he was a Summer Intern (HUH?) before being redirected to our offices on the 6th floor.


I tell Furniture Guy to leave the cart.

I call the VP Security.

I will spare you that conversation but I will tell you that at least 4 times in what turns into a 15 minute conversation VP Security reiterates 'it sounds to me like'..

As I hang up the phone, Boss #2 appears at my desk to ask me to come into his office.

He points out that the cart for the scanner is too large.

Didnt we discuss the size?

Yes and I told them 20x15 AND NO LARGER

Well, this is at least 24x16

I see that. I will call and get them to switch it.

Now I am done.

I pick up the phone and call The VP of This.

I know he will resolve all everything because, as he has pointed out to me many times before/during/after the move: That's his job.

After I dump all this on him, I go to get lunch.

When I return there are 3 messages on voice mail:

Message #1 .. VP Security called to say: Turns out the security guard in the lobby DID send the guest/visitor to the wrong floor

Message #2 .. VP of This called to say scanner cart will be replaced with one the proper size

Message #3 .. Furniture Guy called to see if the cart he dropped off was okay, let me know if its not.

YUP. Its a full moon.