sunday whine

Yeah, its dusty because I haven't whined much, at least not here lately.

First .. no, not really first on my whine list but first because if I don't whine about it now I will forget it.

No, that doesn't make it something worth not whining about its just that my memory sucks .. and that may be due to soy or so I read on a wonderful post by Josie ... where was I? Oh .. my whine. Blogger (and Google) offered this neat new beta page element (I can't tell you how long it took me to think of whatthefcuk its called) to keep your blog roll on and to show when they were last updated.

I should have known last nite when The Pea Green Boat showed -54321 seconds that something was amiss.

I cant add the link for The Pea Green Boat because the flippin' blog roll is now totally not working NOT even SHOWING

In order to get to Josie's link I had to open Firefox, I use Safari, go to a comment Leslie made on one of my posts to get to her blog roll to get Josie's link!

When the blog roll element on my blog was still accessible aka visible tho lacking the times of update when I clicked on a link it took me to a non-templated version of the blog I clicked on. Let me tell you templates really make a difference .. digressing again, Daryl, anyway if you click on someone's blog and you dont see it the way it normally appears .. its not your eyes .. its a Blogger fart. Just click on the title and the template version appears. Who knew, someone did I am sure, that both of these versions exist simultaneously .. sort of like on LOST.

Needless to say, but say it I will .. when I am done whining I plan on adding everyone's URL to my bookmarks so that I am not reliant on stupid wonking Blogger OR Google .. I could whine about Google and the lack of real support they provide on their Google Groups but it makes me want to cry .. so I wont.. this time.

Secondly .. and this is truly pathetic but as long as I am whining .. I entered a photo contest where I am currently THIRD.

Do you know what?

I'll tell you what.

It has nothing to do with how good a photo it is .. really .. seriously .. its about how many friends you have and maybe how many computers they have because I promise you my photo is a lot better than the two ahead of me.

Sore loser? Damn right.

There was a third whine but see now that I've gone on and on and on and on about the Blog Roll thingie, element, Daryl, its called an ELEMENT .. I have forgotten what else I was going to whine about.
Lucky you.

Maybe if I remember I'll be back .. so dont go thinking you're so lucky after all.

*edited to say: Bless their hearts, Blogger has given me back my blog roll ..of course the time element isnt working AND I cant add anything to it .. but hey .. that's Blogger for you! AND Anita has honored me by Reviewing My Sidebar .. of course this morning its not working properly .. thank you Anita its an honor nonetheless! Oh BTW if you are using Firefox you wont see my blog roll at all ..