stupid saturday

On the way home while walking carefully down the subway stairs yesterday I missed a step and sort of jumped down the last 2 to avoid falling .. as I landed oh so not gracefully I did stumble but managed not to fall.

When I got home I decided to take 1 and a half muscle relaxers,the very same ones that seemed not to offer any relief when my back was really bad.

Well 1 and a half sure made me sleepy this time.

At 9:30 after watching The Daily Show (on DVR), sort of re-watching AMC on SoapNet because 45% of it was pre-empted for press coverage of the verdict on a trial not by jury but by judge for 3 cops who fired 50 rounds of ammo at unarmed 20 somethings who were in their car after celebrating at a bachelor party 18 months ago .. oh did I mention the groom to be was killed? That two others so riddled with bullets they almost died? And did I mention they were black? And by the way 2 of the 3 cops were black?


Yet there was Al Sharpton leading the lynch mob ... remember Tawanna Brawley, Al? I want someone to say that to him every time he incites.

But I digress.

I could barely keep my eyes open. Jon had Colin Firth on. They said penis about a hundred times but I could barely stay awake so at 9:30 I went to bed. I went to sleep.

My back is still achy even though I slept well and had some very odd dreams .. chiro at 9 .. massage at 10 .. then rest of my beautification which is really necessary because ...

Last nite in one of those self destructive moments of stupidity I tried to remove the eye lash extensions.

.. I dont know why ..

It was a moment of stupidity.

If I knew why it would not be stupid, it would be just silly or dumb.

Anyway now I have hardly any lashes and those I have are stumpy.. sparse

Insert self disgusted sigh

Someone tell me lashes grow back ..


Don't tell me. I dont want to know if they don't.