friday afternoon giddy

Husband called to tell me that the poster I ordered from the MTA arrived AND that there's a package from 'a Harrison' (thank you Mona!).

I said: Didnt my wire come from Apple?

He said: No.

I said: But they said it would come on the 24th .. that was yesterday.

He said: Maybe you need to check it online

I said: I am going to do that now.

And I did. On the Apple website it shows the wire is being shipped DHL (I will never get it now!) and it will arrive on the 28th (their email advising shipment said the 24th!)... and right now its in Hong Kong.

So I call Husband to tell him.

I say: Its in Hong Kong. I bet they are having Tibetians carry it over the Himalayas


I say: Hey! That's funny ... after all Hong Kong is near China

He says: I thought you said geography was your best subject.

I know he was smiling.