awkward thanks

Over the last few months I have been the honored recipient of awards and reviews.

I have snatched the "plaques" from the gifter's blog and run over here to slap them up on my sidebar without more than a thanks a lot ... left on their comment thingie.

How rude.

Today I decided to rectify that, to say thank you to those who were so nice to give me pretty plaques and say nice things about me and my bloggie.

If you all look to your right and scroll down a ways you'll see a Sunday Sidebar Review that was given to me by Anita.

Interestingly enough (well to me anyway) she awarded it to me as I was redecorating the sidebar so if you click on the badge you'll see the older version of my now newly spiffed up sidebar.

Anita is from Kansas, her interests are ecological but that doesn't define her. Her love of God and her family do. In addition to that she is an amazing photographer, a good writer and she likes me .. I have no idea why since I am a godless heathen New Yawker.

Because I am semi-anal I put my plaques up newest first, the next plaque is from Carolyn. Yesterday he said a lot of really nice things about me and others on her blog. That is what guilted reminded me to do this long overdue post of thanks.

She is very sneaky. She puts up fun labels on her blog like the Verbose Blogger label; if you snatch it, she makes you do penance by participating in a clever MEME. In addition to that she's a very good writer, a funny, interesting nice person.

Some of the other awards are from Cath (The Girl Who Was Beautiful Inside award), Jackie (Girl Power Blog award), Giggle (Who's Awesome? award).

Here comes the awkward confession.

I can't remember who gave me the other awards that I so proudly put up for all to see.

That will teach me to thank someone in the moment!

I suspect if I had thought this through I would never have started this post.

So now I am backing slowly away from the computer hoping that I haven't seriously hurt anyone's feelings or permanently estranged any of you but being a Verbose Blogger before I do I want to say something from my heart:

Thank you all for your friendship: THAT is one thing I know from whence it comes, dont need a plaque to pin up to remind me.