totally shallow

I admit it.

I am totally shallow.

I even use the term fashionista as a proper noun.

I love Sephora, I love Smashbox, I love shopbop, I love Barney's, Bergdorf's, I love handbags and I love SHOES.

For me, the first sign of spring is not a robin on the wing or a daffodil poking its head up through the mulch of winter.


Its a pair of sandals.

I needed cheering up after packing those CONSISTENT boxes so I went shopping on the internets.

I went to Zappos.

If you've never been to Zappos you are missing out on the most amazing shoe experience ever. Seriously. Free shipping BOTH way should you decide within 365 days you don't like those shoes or they don't wear well. Just make sure you keep the original shipping box!

I found the perfect sandal.

For some of you of a certain age you'll recognize it by its name: Kork Ease. For others of you less that age I am sure your older sister or hip mother wore them.

I bought this pair and today I am making sure my tootsie's sparkle!