shallow saturday

To know me is to know I am (a) shallow and (b) spend Saturday mornings beautifying which goes to being shallow.

To know me is to know I am not in the least ashamed of the depths of my shallowness or how I often seem to brag about it.

There is no end to the number of nail salons on the Upper Westside. Chains and standalones.

But a few months ago the level of service ramped up when Polished Beauty Bar opened on 78th St just west of Broadway. Its small in a cozy way, welcoming and warm. There's even a big flat screen TV on the wall where classic movies (this week it was An Affair to Remember) play without sound but subtitled for those who wish to watch but not be disturbed.

There's no end to the colors of polish to chose from

Micki (making faces trying to avoid being photographed) who owns the salon works with a number of talented manicurists (my personal favorite is Tina who refused to let me take her photo!)

Its a family affair at Polished. Micki's sister Susan does facials and eye lash extensions. And that is my latest shallow vain indulgence

She has this box o'tricks

From which she selects the right length and color of lash to apply.

I must vainly explain I am wearing ZERO make up for this ..
but here's how it turned out

While Susan was working on me, Gia, Micki's BFF took the photos .. here she is at her computer reading this blog .. well not this post .. but you knew that. Thanks Gia for the great photos...thanks Susan for the sexy lashes .. thanks Tina for making my nails look so nice and thanks Micki for being such a honey and for having such a wonderful place to spend my shallow Saturday's.