My Sunday flea market friend I met through another friend. That friend I met when she was working for the same man I was although she worked in LA and I worked in NY.

Other friends, a gaggle of them to be exact, I met on the internets.


I met them online but after a while we met in person.

Of course people I knew who I hadn’t met on the internets were sure the internets people were killers or psychotics. Well a few of them are crazy but a good, a wonderful crazy.

There are within this gaggle of gals different splinter groups who meet based on geographic location.

Once about 4 years ago everyone met in NY. It was the most fun. Not the most fun ever but the most fun up until that point.

Since then a core group of travelers has formed, there are 3 of us who go every spring, the others vary depending work or family commitments.

We pick a city and we met there in April usually for a long weekend.

We leave husbands, children, and significant others at home. And what happens with girlfriends stays with girlfriends.

We went to New Orleans in '05, Nashville in '06, San Antonio in '07.

There are also two splinter groups, one group meets in Chicago every July and the other has met in Cape May, NJ two Septembers in a row.

There are still a few who haven’t met face-to-face but we know we will eventually.

I am getting ready to meet them again, this time in San Francisco and I can't wait!