awards will be given

As you can see from the post below, this day did not start off very well at all ... however through the good offices of two amazing women it turned from Whine to Wine for me .. and I want to thank them.

CrazyCath who is anything but bestowed this award upon me

it came with the condition that I pass it on to 10 other Excellent bloggers and they are:

- Anita at Prairie Dreams who has since the tornado struck her hometown of Greenburg, KS worked to help rebuild not only through her blog but through her day to day actions in the community

- Carole at The Most Boring Blog on the Internet which it is SO not .. someone who is using her blogging to let go of the past and make more of the future

- VBF new young wild and crazy Aussie gal whose love of animals and life shows in her amazing and nutzy writing

-San whose art is just mouthwatering and whose writing is filled with colors of love. I dont know her very well but I have to look forward to reading her blogs and feasting on her art

- Lilli whose travels are detailed along with the most wonderful and fascinating photos

- Hilary whose writing involves and entertains me so much

- Diane whose words and stories involve your mind/heart much the same way her jewelry designs capture your eye

- Leslie whose calm and caring shine through her posts and make you wish lived closer

- Sandy someone whose writing makes you feel as if you've known her forever and cant wait to sit and spend time with her over a lovely cup of tea

AND then I got this

it was made for me by The Fixer, one of the daughters of a The Mother of This Lot. This fabulous original award came with no instruction to pass it on but I want to .. and I want to pass it on to a few women who I have come to know through their strong, independent blogs and funny caring comments:

Jennifer H
and last but never least
Lisa my 'daughter' who started her blog to encourage and support a cousin who is very ill

Please take the time to visit these amazing women and bloggers .. you wont be disappointed.

Thank you Cath, Thank you Jackie ..not just for these awards but for your friendship......