a whole lot of things

First, a very good friend lives, or should I say lived in Primm Springs, TN, but her home was one of those hit by the tornado earlier this week.

Thankfully, she and her family (and their dogs, cats) were all okay. The roof, the kitchen, the barn, the truck .. not so much. Amazingly her car, only 2 years old, was untouched, she called me while sitting in it charging her cell phone.

Her husband has been staying on the property 'standing guard' in case looters can make it through the debris on the roads. She went to stay with a friend and her sons are staying with other friends near their school which much to their disappointment was untouched as well.

Then there's my other friend who is amazing; she is undergoing chemo for a recurrence of cancer. A stronger woman you won't meet. She will kick this bout to the curb as she did the one before it because she plans on dancing at her daughter's wedding .. a sweet girl who is just 11.

AND I am getting sick. This makes me very unhappy. I don't like being sick. I don't like it at all. Everyone in this office has been wheezing all week. Two were out a day each, one with temp of 101, the other with a bad stomach. I have studiously avoided being near either of them but they were BREATHING so I guess there wasn't much chance of not catching their exhaled germs.

On the bright side another friend just became a grandmother for the second time...her new grandson, Tyler, weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 oz., and 21 inches long at 2:45 ayem this morning, shares my birthday.

He's a lot better present than this scratchy throat I seem to have gotten from my co-workers. Thanks guys!