this morning and last night

Gus who is usually snuggled up against Ray when I am leaving decided this morning he wanted to be an adventurous PITA but he's so not subtle about it.

When I was about to leave he was standing by the door impatiently twitching his tail, shifting his weight like a fighter getting ready to enter the ring; seeing this I stuck my boot encased foot out to block him but he was quicker. He jumped over my foot and was out the door with me right behind him hissing GUS GET BACK HERE before he was able to run up the stairs, but that cat is no one's fool. No, he turned and ran under my feet causing me to twirl around to keep my balance before he headed back into the apartment past Rose who was on her way out

... hey if he can go outside ...

BACK BOTH OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

... close the door and I am out into the cold hoping that spin didnt totally disorient me.

I am a klutz.

I dont do well on 3 inch platforms even without being twirled so it was lucky for me I wasnt too off. I walked slowly which I'd do anyway since the damn cold makes it hard to breathe thinking about how funny last night was.

(oh I am not Holly, but I can segue .. )

We were sinking into the couch watching the evening hour of death and destruction when a commercial interrupted the reportage on the ravages of the political campaigns playing out here. It was a commercial about cookies but not just any cookies, no, cookies made from pre-fab dough, sliced, then baked.

Husband looked at the big screen high definition image of the freshly baked cookies then at me and asked "why dont they make that sort of cookie for microwaves?"

I have no idea but you cant ever admit to Husband you dont know, you make up something. So I quickly, cleverly replied "I dont think you can".

"Can what?" ever logical Husband asked

"Bake cookie dough in the microwave"

"Why not?"

"I .. why dont you Google it? Google Microwaveable Cookies."

"Ummmmmmmm .. " clack of keys (Okay! His new iMac keyboard doesnt clack, but this is a blog .. how would you know he was typing if I didnt use the word 'clack'? I thought so.) "Well, there are PAGES of recipes for making cookies in the microwave. Did you know that?"

I mumble something, then I ask "Did you Google MICROWAVEABLE cookies?"

"Yes. There's pages of recipes. Did you know that?"


"Well there is. But I dont want to BAKE cookies, I want those ones you slice and bake, but microwave. They're missing a whole market there."

And then as luck would have it the commercials ended and the nightly recappage of death, destruction and political campaigning resumed.