still sweet sixteen

The other day I celebrated a significant, our daughter used that word when she called to extend her wishes, birthday.

I hadn't been looking forward to it although I love birthdays, I love having an excuse to make it all about me .. big wink here because its always all about me .. I have many friends who have jumped this hurdle and lived not only to tell about it but to enjoy it .. they encouraged me to stop being such a silly and get over the number.

They, of course, were right.

While I didn't embrace it wholeheartedly, I did get into it and wore something brand new on the 'day' (a tradition only a fashionista like myself would have).

I scheduled a facial for after work so I would come home looking radiant of course this year my day coincided with Husband's weekly poker night so when I did get home he was all hugs/kisses here's a cake and see you later.

I am not complaining!

He made that cake himself, from a mix; iced it himself all nice and neat which made me wonder if he did what I would have done: cleaned the excess off the plate with a finger, licking the finger clean afterward .. I'll stop now before it becomes TMI.

Clearly I am over the horror of getting older although honestly I was never bothered by the thought of being older. I just could not wrap my mind around the number.

In my mind I am still Sweet Sixteen. Aren't we all?