a question was asked

David asked:

Who REALLY rules the TV remote control in your house?

Before I begin let me say I adore Husband ...

He thinks he does .. I know for a fact, having done a lot of research which entailed both reading and listening to women bemoan their partner/husband/significant other's lack of skill using remote devices (and often computer keyboards - example: I was sitting here at my desk doing something and I could hear this PING PING PING sound over and over .. finally I said 'Honey, whatever you're doing stop its not working. HE said how do you know what I am doing? I said the computer only PING PING PINGs when you insist on hitting the same WRONG whatever over and over .. There was no reply.).

Husband is not by any means stupid or foolish; no, he is just a man, and in my experience most men are remote challenged. He will hit the same button over and over and over insisting that it IS the CORRECT button for the function he wants even tho it now refuses to complete that function.

Reasons for this malfunction according to him are:
- Button moved
- Label on button changed
- It worked last time

Usually I am sitting next to him on the couch, clenching my teeth, trying HARD not to use The Voice (or The Tone) while he continues to insist he can do it.

What is he trying to do? Anything from fast forwarding to playing back recorded programs from the DVR.

- Why isn't it working?
- Because he is hitting the button for Live not List
- Because he is hitting the button for Mute not Fast Forward

Or my new fav .. hitting the enter button/play on a recorded program when the option highlighted is RESUME PLAYBACK

I asked him WHY he chose that option when we'd never played it before. And his answer: I dont know.
And that ladies and gentlemen says it all.

Almost ..

Last night as we watched this week's episode of Lost, he pointed out that hitting the Fast Forward FOUR times was better than three .. because you skip over the commercials and other program adverts faster .. of course he failed to point out that it also stops further into the program we ARE wanting to see ALL of and then has to be BACKED up in order to watch the scene from the BEGINNING ..


Maybe I need one of these: