the newspaper saga

Well 5thFloor's guests did not take our papers.

First it turns out 2ndFloor took yesterday's by mistake then forgot to bring them by.

Today papers were delivered in a rolled up state left in the corner of the vestibule on the floor under the buzzers next to the door. Husband saw them and thought, and told me, that 5thFloor left his recycle bundle of papers there instead of in the elevator lobby under the pews.

He did not.

Husband ran into him and asked him and he said nope so they went and looked and they were today's papers .. When Husband suggested this morning that 5thFloor was involved I knew he was totally wrong. 5thFloor is the dearest man. He would be gay but he is so religious he cant admit it. He is a dear man and I like him very much and knew he couldnt be the paper thief.

So that's done.