I was inspired by a lovely post Country Cottage Chic wrote about a stuffed bear she's had since she was a tot.

I never collected stuffed animals. When I was a teen suffering cramps one Saturday Dad went grocery shopping with Mom bringing me back Turtle as a cheer up present. I kept him on the table next to the bed until a candle overflowed covering his plush with hot wax that dried; I couldnt ever get off.

I have only one doll saved from childhood. It was a present a co-worker of Dad's brought as a baby gift for me. I didn't name her Rosie but that's her name. She is very old. She is still very important to me. Once a while back when I was afraid I took her off the shelf and snuggled her to me, crying over how sad it was that I was so scared I needed a doll to comfort me. I do love wallowing in a sad mood.

Rosie has seen me through sad moods, bad moods, destructive moods. She's had the one rag curl she had cut off during a time I was sure I wanted to grow up to be a hair dresser.

She was puked on. Suffered all the childhood illnesses with me. Her body which is also her 'clothing' wore out a long time ago so Mom made patches for the worn spots.

I dont often let myself stroll down this particular lane because the memories are mixed with more recent ones of losing both my parents within months of eachother .. but sometimes you just need to.. maybe this was one of those times.