how we spent sunday without football

First, I must digress.

A few weeks ago we were gifted with some truly wonderful cookies, NOT as wonderful as the cookies handmade this holiday season by Onnie, Kelly and Shevawn, BUT really really really good cookies nonetheless. One of the types was two chocolate 'wafers' with peanut butter between.

Getting there.

Husband said these are easy to make, all you need are those cookies, you know those cookies. Of course I knew those cookies. Did you ever make one of those fridge/ice box layer cakes? They use chocolate wafers layered with whipped creme .. soooooo good. THOSE cookies.

Here we are.

Since that epiphany I have not shopped but I did tell Husband where to look at the 'super' market but he either couldn't follow my directions - just past the cheese, to the left of the bread - or he forgot. In any case today I went to the 'super' market - this is a place that elsewhere in the United States would be a convenience store with a thyroid condition - I went to get bread because as I was leaving for the Flea Husband called out YOU need bread.

Since I was in the bread 'area' I looked for THOSE cookies .. of course they werent there, they were around the corner above the freezer .. dont ask .. I got them.

And here's what we did ..

Assembled the ingredients

Open the cookies

Spread the peanut butter .. just so

Make a 'sandwich'


I think a glass of cold milk would be good right now ..