how disconnecting that was

The Apple Extreme AirPort Modem thingie forgot who/what it was.

Like Ryan on All My Children, ZippyNet could only remember things more than 3 years ago (okay! I know Ryan's memory is missing FOUR years .. this is merely an example...)


Because it reverted to its factory settings -> pre-my ownership!

How did I know this? By the blinking 'amber' light -> it was yellow

I decided to re-set it and then re-configure it. -> I like 're' words they are very encouraging, very REassuring.

Alas .. my skills at the computer which honestly are legion proved to be more legionnaire so I bit the bullet.

I called Apple Help where after a short wait I got to chat with someone whose name I dont remember now because when he finally answered the phone which by the way was ringing like in someone's home, he said Education Something Division .. to which I said very smartly HUH? I .. I .. I asked for AirPort help.

I can do that too, he said.

So together we reinstalled my AirPort.

And the feeling, the emotion I had knowing I was no longer disconnected was, indeed, a relief!