does your family read your blog?

That's the question du jour. Posed by the wonderful 'den mother' David McMahon this weekend.

I know our daughter Lisa reads it from her home in Dallas because she occasionally posts comments .. and once a correction. I had misstated the family home of her husband as South Carolina when they are from North Carolina .. or is it the other way 'round? My bad.

My sister doesn't know I blog. Why? I am not sure.
Okay, its not that I am not sure, I am just trying to find a way to avoid the real reason. But since you insist, I think it goes back to those days when we shared a room and I wanted her to stay on her side. Its sort of like that with my blog; stay on your own side.

Husband has read posts occasionally, I know this because he made a clever comment about being referred to as Husband (I bet he never saw the photo I posted of him sleeping.. heh heh).

That's all the family I have. I know several friends read, one or two even bookmarked it.

Do you blog? If so, does your family read it? Inquiring minds and David want to know!