I spend my time every morning thinking about things. Sometimes its things I see on the bus or on the way to the bus or through the bus window. Its peaceful at that hour to just sit and think.

Two nights ago I was curled up in bed, Husband always stays up way later than me. He works at home and so he sets his own 'office' hours , that he would also set his waking and sleeping times follow. But I digress which is why I think I forget things so easily, I mean I let myself get distracted .. poufff goes the thought or idea.

Well, there I was in bed letting myself let go of the day, letting my mind have some playtime when it occurred to me that I had an idea for a post. Something that usually happens on the bus. As soon as I segued into the bus thoughts I forgot my post idea. I lay there sort of smiling at how bad I am getting and then I guess I fell asleep.

No amount of trying would bring back the thought, the idea. So finally I gave up.

Of course as I sat here replying to comments on my backhoe photo it hit me.


That is what I was thinking about. It was what I was going to post a topic about, so here goes..

What is the proper internets manner of responding to comments?

Does one do it in their own comment list?

Or does one go to the poster's blog and reply there?

Does one simply say thank you or does one chat away?

Do the commentors return to see if the blogger has replied? Or is one of those sort of 'hey how ya doing' comments said in passing without really hearing the reply?

Inquiring bloggers want to know!