I am not sure if you can read what is on the sign .. so here's what it says:

When Frederick Law Olmstead submitted plans for Riverside Park in 1875, it was sponsored by the city with an eye to attracting the middle class to the then underdeveloped west side. The introduction of the elevated railroad this far north in the 1890's added to the appeal, and the results were these handsome row houses in a sort of picturesque medieval style, displaying a compatible rhythm of bowfronts, bays. ooriels, parapets, gables, dormers, chimneys, and stoops. Built and embellished in Roman brick, brownstone, limestone, leaded glass, terra cotta, tile and wrought iron.

And here's a look at part of West 80th Street (I realized when I set out to do this post that I only have photos of our street during/after snow!) that's 'our' building and that's Riverside Tower with the blue awning, a not very chic but affordable hotel ..