Oh Boxing Day, Oh Boxing Day..la la la

Okay, so there's no song for Boxing Day. And no, its not about fisticuffs. Its a quaint British tradition called taking back the swag you don't love ... want ... need ... doesn't fit ... hate the color ... had 3 already. What. Ever.

Not me. I am really delighted with all that I received except for the calories that seem to have been hidden inside all those fabulous cookies, cakes and chocolates.

I got some whimsical gifts, this cat is an ornament Mags bought at the Chicago Art Museum

this votive holder my sister bought is so boudoir-y, don't ya think?

Look at this amazingly clever Menu Organizer from our amazingly clever daughter Lisa. If you live in NYC you order in; if you order in you've got a plethora of menus sitting around clogging up a drawer (like who has a spare drawer in their kitchen in New York City? Seriously, kitchen drawers are as rare as hen's teeth)fear not, this will eliminate that clog.

Two additions to the coffee table pile (also fun reading)from Kelly

Even tho husband and I agreed not to buy one another anything, he got me these (well all except for Love in the time of Cholera, which Donna got me)books, LOST Season 3 DVDs and The Eagles CD!

Fab jewels from two fab sisters

AND this truly angelic angel from Lynn (look, I dusted around her!)