It looks easy - repost

When I first started posting, Rose decided that if I could blog, so could she. She didnt get many comments back then so she asked me if I would re-post her post and I said sure .. after all Mia and Siren have posted their own posts at Forks Off The Moment ... and I am going to link this to Pet Pride

nd so without further ado .. here's Rosie!

I dont see why if she can do this, I cant

I think this needs to move

WHAT? I am working here!

Her handwriting is hard to read.


  1. she's a beautiful animal. Great post, Rosie!

  2. I just love a gal who tells it like it is! What a gorgeous one at that. both made my day.

  3. You have a very sweet colaborator!!
    Does she ghost your posts sometimes? Take photos?

    Comfort Spiral

  4. I'll have to show this to my grandcat Kittykins. SHe's appeared on my B'ham blog a few times. My daughter calls her "The Hussy"! HA Hope you're feeling better.
    I'm off to a physical therapist tomorrow for some back problems. My neighbor says I'll be a new woman after one or two visits. Now that sounds like just what I need to be! I've got to get revved up for my trip back to France next Thursday!

  5. I'm sure Rosie is an awesome blogger! She is so adorable. Scratch her ears for me!

  6. Cats are cute...among other things. But no cat better mess with my computer...all nine lives would go zip!

  7. That is just wonderful. She chooses her word so very well!

    And your new blog design is just cutting edge! Love the header photo.

    BUT, not to detract from Rosie...tell her she really carried the post!

  8. Rosie is one classy cat! And this coming from a dog lover! :)

    P.S. ~ Love the new header. Very high tech, sharp look.

  9. Now, if I wasn't a dog, i'd be in love with rosie!! she's one smart cat! good looking, too

    sam schnauzer

  10. hey rosie! glad you showed what brilliant stuff you are made off! you are welcome to strut around at Pet Pride and rest assured the applause will be deafening!!


  11. Rosie is absolutely, stunningly beautiful - with looks like that, who needs to write neatly? (Wink)

  12. Dear Rosie,

    I told you! I knew you could do it, they act as if their thumbs make them so superior

    Love Siren

    Dear Rosie,

    Siren thiks he gave you the idea but you posted this before he even knew where the laptop is. Boys are idiots

    Love Mia

  13. Please tell Rosie she did a beautiful job.

  14. Sorry, but I forgot to tell you that I really like your new that hubby's work?

    It's very well done and captures the ambiance of the city very well!

    Plus, it seems you are "out and about"!

    Hope you're having a great day!

  15. It's never as easy as it looks is it Rosie? But you do really well for not having thumbs!

  16. I don't see why Rosie didn't get a ton of comments first time around - I mean really! Her writing is brilliant!

    Well done Rosie.

  17. Hi Rosie
    Nice to meet you :)
    You are BEAUTIFUL ....

    purss & love
    Kareltje =^.^=


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