I'm Bored

I went out to get some Vanilla Silk, my Pumpkin Spice Silk, barely 2 weeks old, solidified. I don't know why or how but I tossed it.

I have not stopped eating since cookies Onnie made arrived; those are long gone as are cookies Kelly sent as well as other food gifts.  Was I supposed to wait till Christmas Eve/Day? I'm Jewish. We're talking food here.

And just when I had intentions to seriously curtail my intake, a banana bread w/chocolate chips arrived from Shevawn. I HAD to have a slice, had to, it was so good.  Too good.

This was all on top of the cereal this morning, many cups of coffee, an H&H plain untoasted with a smear and lox for lunch. I tossed the olive, too salty wasted calories. (Excuse me while I LAUGH).

Phone rings on Friday night husband answers and I can tell from his face he cannot understand what is being said to him. He hands me the phone. I say hello? And this man says, I think he said, I'm outside in a car. I am delivering from Zabar's. I say thank you, hang up and go open the door. Yes, he's delivering these two HUGE boxes.

Inside one was a gigantic HAM. Enough for 20 people to have nice thick sandwiches or a dozen adults to eat with salad and roasted potatoes. Not this adult. She doesn't eat meat of any kind. The second huge box contains crudites: in addition to the ubiquitous celery, there are enormous cherry tomatoes, oh so skinny haricots verts, asparagus spears, baby carrots, red and orange Holland peppers plus an amazing dip, I have no idea what was in it just that I am positive it was fattening, therefore tasted amazing.

I as always digressed. This food gift was unexpected. A poker pal of husband and his lady sent it with a note that said: we thought we'd try something different this year

What makes all this 'all that' is because I didn't expect them to gift us, a long story I would share but really it bores me so I am sparing you.

See where you end up when you're home and bored?