Hats Hats Hats Hats

I think its a love hate thing. As a kid I thought hats were super. Every hat I saw, I wanted. A few I actually bought but never wore, not because of hat hair, no, because they looked stupid. As my fashion sense grew I realized why they looked stupid. I am tall with broad shoulders and a small head. There I said it. I have a small head. (I never get spam emails asking if I want to enlarge my head .. only my penis, which contrary to some opinions, I do not have.)

I need to buy/wear hats with wide brims. This is not something you see a lot of in cold weather. So I dont often wear a hat no matter how cold it gets or how much husband (who has taken this cause up from my late mother) cajoles.

I did notice yesterday when the temps dipped down into the 20s with the wind roaring more than whistling that many many people were wearing hats.

I took some pix on the bus

and on the way home on the subway

It seems to me from this random survey, that the most popular style is the "watch" cap which can be pulled waaaay down and I noted that more men wear hats than women..