I have a fixation with still life's. I create them everywhere. Every table top, shelf, okay I will be completely honest, every flat surface in our apartment has a still life. What you ask is a still life? Its art. Usually subtle and not recognizable as art its often mistaken for tschachkas.

(an aside here: I wasn't sure how to spell tschachkas so I phonetically, I thought, typed it into Google Search and this spelling seems to be the most used .. who knew?!).

I am not sharing photos of those today because they need to be dusted first and I am not in the mood... okay just one. Ignore the dust, we do.

I am also fixated this week with holiday cards - Christmas, Seasons Greetings, New Year - and we've received quite a few, which I have, in an on-going compulsive way, been arranging on the mantle. There's a theme, a design, a jenesaisquoit to them.

Of course I had to take photos. I have taken photos all week but I will only subject you to a few. In my opinion, the better ones, not the cards, photos. And just so you know, getting them to stand just so is no easy task, every time a new card arrives, is added to the existing motif they all fall over so I curse and husband oh Daryl's me; so what I am saying is there better be a lot of oh how wonderful remarks happening.

I have solved the photo card problem; they don't stand up, they are hard to lean and husband's idea of stringing them across the book shelf was rejected. A lovely gift of wine mulling seasonings came in this clever little 'box' which now contains those hard to display cards everyone spends so much time selecting a photo for. Am I clever or what?