Tilting Windmills

After months, okay 2 months, of haggling and hassling with the PITA that is my Medical Flex Spending account overseer I spoke to someone who actually can think.

She reviewed the paperwork (I have submitted twice on 'Claim Verification' forms only to be told they need to be submitted on 'Pay Me Back' forms. HUH? Do these people think I opted for one form over the other because I felt like it? NOOOOOOOOOO. I was told which form to use by these PITAs. Clearly they think this money is their's .. hello .. its MINE .. my Pre-Tax dollars at work to reimburse me for medical spending the other PITA Aetna doesn't cover partly or completely.) and will be sending me a check.

I guess this Windmill Tilter can take the rest of the day off .