The only reason I am up is because my tummy insisted.

I really wanted to sleep in.

At 3ish I woke because I heard this 
noise I couldn't place. Husband, of course, was sound asleep. I sat 
up and listened. Yup.. a strange sort of .. well I can't describe it without 
telling you what it WAS .. it was Rosie with the leg bone of the 
Tandoori chicken my sister had for dinner.

She was sitting on the floor 
at the foot of the bed licking/gnawing the chicken bone.  I got up, took it 
away from her and went into the kitchen where the garbage can was 
overturned. Empty food containers and some food (clearly 
NOT things she wanted) were strew on the floor (its a good thing our 
kitchen is small .. ).  I cleaned it up and tied the top of the 
garbage bag (someone should have emptied it during halftime) and then 
looked around the living room. Gus was all innocent perched on 
the back of the couch. I found pieces of chicken bones on the 
floor near husband's desk too. I was more worried she could have 
swallowed a bone and choked than that she made a mess but it was 3 a.m. and lecturing cats does no good so I went back to sleep.

I swear at times its worse than having kids.

Other than the Tandoori Chicken incident we had a really nice day, 
though my sister coming over at 6:30 caused me to be so hungry I ate too 

Indigo, my favorite Indian restaurant, was closed so I ordered from another called Earthen Oven. 
 They cook with a lot more spices and specialize in curries which is a good thing, but different than the style of cooking at Indigo, not bad different .. and while I love 
spice, I like the Indigo version of Baingan Bharta (fire roasted 
eggplant) better .. we had that, Vegetable Biriyani (rice w/ 
veggies), Palak Paneer (creamy spinach w/cubes of cheese) and Garlic 
Nan which would have put my mother's overuse of garlic to shame. 
Washed it all down with almost the whole bottle of Malbec; then 
after a brief respite of chat we had warm Sour Cream Walnut Apple 
pie from The Little Pie Company.. oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Is it any wonder my tummy is rebelling?

Leftovers? Anyone?