Its Practically the Weekend

For some of you Saturday and Sunday are just another day or two following Friday.

For others its a reprieve from the same old same old; getting up early going to work or getting up early to get the kids off to school or even getting up and working at home.. whatever.

To me it means two days of self indulgence and pampering between errands I can't get done after working all day.

I still get up at the same time because we have one cat who gets his meds at 7, the other doesn't think weekends or days off mean a later breakfast. Try ignoring a little ball of fluff with a tongue like sandpaper.

Husband works at home and sleeps in so all my mornings are sort of quiet with the comforting background sound of news on the TV to punctuate my routine of waking, making coffee, feeding the ever under-foot Rose, giving the front page a scan while bringing in the paper, checking emails, and of course the Gaggle, showering, doing my teeth AND my face then dressing and racing out the door in time to catch that bus.

But come Saturday morning I can take all the time I want as long as I can walk out the door by 9:30 to get to the first of my ritual beautifications by 9:45.

Its a tough life but someone's got to do it.

Sundays as some of you have learned is GreenFlea (not to be confused with that annoying Greenlee) and usually coffee or brunch with my friend Wendy.

This time of year is holiday shopping time. I head off to the stores with my friend Donna; some years we have done our shopping in the small shops of Connecticut towns like Litchfield, New Preston, or New Milford even venturing up to Great Barrington.

While I've been running round town in pursuit of this gift or that I've taken some photos of the holiday decorations and while this has nothing to do with where I started this entry its an excellent example of how I can turn a simple statement into a long story with much digression.

So come back later and I’ll share some of the fun holiday lights and decorations (I forgot the damn camera USB)