SO? What's for lunch?

Back to the Cafeteria ... only one person asked if I knew photos were not permitted to which I replied yes, I did, but I am not taking pictures of the cafeteria per se .. I am taking pictures of the food. Ah.

Lots of salad options ..


And things to add

to the various lettuces

If you aren't in a salad mood, and really why have salad when you can have stir fry (a good option if you aren't into food with foreign country themes) ...

Or you can always have fruit ..



this was Apple Week

... for me this was great news, until they ran out of Honey Crisps...

And what did I end up with? Well, William who runs the grill station on good days

made me this ...a portobello burger with mozzerella cheese on a wheat bun, warmed on the grill and served with a small order of waffle fries ..