Snarking at Lunch

I work for a company that has a fabulous cafeteria .. but no one calls it that. No. Its the Caf ... and the Caf has many options at lunch time tho sometimes I feel as if I am back home as kid standing in front of the fridge looking in, letting all the cold air out, and seeing nothing .. nothing I want to eat.

This happens some weeks more often than others.

When I am alone I just walk 'round and 'round looking at the various options and hoping that next time I pass there will be something different .. something I want to eat.

Today I met my friend Carter for lunch. Before he arrived I had already walked 'round at least 4 times and amazingly each time the options were the same.

Finally Carter arrived with his recycled lunch container and he stood with me looking across the apple/pear/endive/bleu cheese salad toward the buttered noodles, chicken kiev and what looked like Alpo.

He nudged me and suggested that we take photos of the food and record our snark and use it in my blog. I agreed we should do this and said I'd bring my camera next time (note: I always have my camera with me, for some reason this morning I forgot to put it in my bag... ) and Carter told me we aren't permitted to take pix in the Caf .. yeah, well ...