Its A Rainy Day

My husband who has 'my' cold is in bed asleep. He was watching football then he just got up and went to bed .. I think its the cold meds, he is very sensitive to meds ..

I've read the Book Review, sent copies of online reviews to a friend; read the Travel Section it was all about islands in the sun which strangely no longer interest me. If you've seen one beach you've seen 'em all .. better photo ops inland, in my opinion .. maybe its sour grapes.

I am about to read the main news section and the local section .. usually I avoid them both because frankly I have enough reality in my life with the internets and the News/Weather/Sports at 6 am/pm. I don't actually watch the Sports part. At that point I have gone to wash my face or make coffee. I really don't care about Sports. Weather I care about. The Weather report. I watch, I see it but I don't absorb it; I have been known to say, after they go to commercial, What did he say?

In the morning, they have weather every 7 minutes. Every 7 minutes. I believe they recognize my problem exists.