Have You Ever Noticed ...

that once you see "something" you then see others of those somethings everywhere?

That was the case this Sunday as I walked over to the Flea Market. For me, this fine summer-like Sunday, it was bicycles. Everywhere.

It started with this very, sort of sad looking tricycle. Seemingly abandoned alongside the trash can that resides on the corner of WEA/80th Street.

I hoped that it wasn't abandoned but just waiting for its owner to return.

Meanwhile as I wandered across to Columbus Avenue I saw bikes everywhere .. everywhere .. at 77th Street propped up against the wall outside the pizza place

Waiting patiently for Hunan Cottage deliverymen to hop on and race off to make sure you get your order while its still steaming from the wok ..

Outside the comedy club ..do they deliver laughs?

Alongside the diner I always refer to as the Broadway Diner (that isn't its name)

I loved this little pink bike waiting outside the Flea Market

In a neighborhood so filled with bikes, clearly these people must be very busy

And I had to laugh at this gentleman ...

This one seemed to just want to get where he was going

There was even this one .. I wonder, did its owner hop the M104?