"Garden in Transit" or Flower Power

Once again its a case of seeing something and seeing it everywhere.

This weekend its taxi cabs decorated with flower decals. I'm sure you've seen them .. they are everywhere ..

I did a little research and found the following website: Portraits of Hope.

The vast public art project, known as “Garden in Transit,” originated with two brothers, Ed and Bernie Massey, who founded Portraits of Hope in 1995. The project was intended to provide creative therapy for seriously ill and disabled children, but has expanded to include children and adults participating through schools, after-school programs, hospitals and nonprofit groups. Portraits of Hope has decorated blimps, buildings, tugboats, airplanes and even Nascar racers; the taxicabs are the group’s latest effort.

The cab owners and drivers do not have to pay for the flower patterns, and participation is voluntary. The organizers hope to get a majority of the city’s 13,000 yellow cabs to participate. About 27,600 panels have been painted, enough for each cab to have two.

It seems to me not only is this a doing 'good' thing .. its making the streets prettier .. all those flowers make me smile.

And .. I want to wish Violette Crumble!!! a very happy Texas sized birthday