The Further Adventures of Conversations Overheard

C: Your outfit matches the cafeteria today. You have a warped glass bead necklace.
D: Does the cafeteria have goose bumps?
C: Yes, the titanium has little bumps all over it. And a blue sweater.

D: I was looking for grapes but there aren’t any.
C: and D: simultaneously “No Grapes?”
Salad woman: No grapes.
C: Must not be grape season.

D: What are you getting?
C: I’m kind of leaning towards Asian station.
D: I went through but I didn’t find anything. I got some of those. The cold food is too cold. They need to make it room temperature.
C: I know but you know they come around with those little thermometers and stick it in to make sure it’s cold.
D: Ok the hot stuff but not the cold stuff.
C: The guy with the white smock comes around and tests it. Are you gonna have mushroom bisque?
D: I don’t know. It’s so fattening. It’s bisque. It has milk.
C: Last time I ate this I got the worst case of indigestion.
D: Really?
C: Yeah.
D: Then why are you having it again?
C: I don’t know.
D: It actually was very good the last time.

D: Oh there she is… that's the woman… that wears the man shoes.
C: Oh yeah yeah yeah.
D: Did you notice if she’s wearing them again today? We may have to look.
C: Should we pass by?
D: Should we look?
C: Yes let’s just walk around to the other side. Pretend like we’re getting food.
D: No let’s go this way.
C: Ok.
D: We’re going the wrong way.
C: I know but I want to walk behind her so she doesn’t get suspicious.
D: Nope. She’s not wearing them today.