And then there were these conversations

D: I was expecting for them to use leftover tuna for something but clearly they haven’t.
C: Yesterday you were absolutely right about that soup that they made out of all the leftovers.
D: I told you.
C: So nauseating.
D: Stay with the program man.
C: Look they have let’s get fat food today. Macaroni and cheese. Potatoes. Meat Loaf. Buttered Peas. Chicken.
D: I had this conversation with somebody the other day. I said “who is it comforting if it’s full of fat?”
C: It’s gonna comfort the doctors. Their retirement plan. Did you get your free cookie?
D: Oh I’ll get one.
C: I just want one piece of fish.
D: So then take it.
C: No I mean that fish over there. I don’t think they’ll give it to me.
D: I’ll give it to you.
C: They’re going to make it separate.
D: No no no.
C: It’s $6.25 for two pieces of fish and chips but I just want the fish.
D: Come on let’s go get fish.

D: Thank you and one piece for him.
C: Oh yeah. Thank you so much.
Illegal alien: Enjoy.
C: This is D’s totally customized lunch. She breaks all the rules. She gets exactly what she wants. They should have charged $4 for one piece of fish.
D: When they weigh it it’ll cost $4.
C: No way!
D: Of course it will.
C: It’s super light. It’s only gonna cost like a buck.

C: Did you put the pictures up on the website?
D: No I didn’t have a chance to. I was way too busy doing nothing.

Cashier: I saw a woman once who had $900 on her card.
D: Get out!
C: She had $900 on her card? Was she like the Big Cheese's assistant?
D: Must be a mistake.
Cashier: No it wasn’t a mistake! I said can you deposit this money in my checking account?
D: That’s bizarre!
C: Why would you put $900 on your card?
Cashier: She did it for the rest of the year.
D: I would say she could treat us all.

D: I can’t believe people who get fries and rice. Don’t you think that’s a little over done?

Cookie Person: Cookies. You want one?
D: Thank you!
Cookie Person: Do you want a brochure?
D: Oh sure. Have a brochure. There’s no calories.
C: Thank you.

D: I’m loading my card.
C: Maybe she went upstairs and accidentally added an extra 0 when she was putting money on her card. $900? You’re going to stand here and punch $20s in one at a time?
D: The whole thing is stupid anyway why would you put that amount of money on your card when you could have it collecting interest somewhere else?

D: I’m really against leggings. Really I am. Seriously against them.
C: Did you ever go on that Fugly site? They hate leggings too.
D: I know. It’s one of my favorite sites.

C: Oh you know what. I auditioned to be a commenter on and I made it! And then I got kicked off!
D: Why?
C: Because they found me too full of bile.
D: I don’t understand that kind of logic at all.
C: Actually you know they found me a little too strong. Being a commenter on those blogs is like being at a cocktail party and I just came in and said blah this sucks you suck and they were like ‘bye!’
D: Now something about that is wrong and I keep wanting….