What The Flock Is Going On?

I seem to be confused with a spammer .. I wasnt permitted to view my own blog so that puts me right there with all the rest of the world who isnt viewing it either.

See Google, I know all the back doors there are ..heh! I am here.

This past weekend was so nice, so fall like .. the Columbus Avenue Fall Festival was a lot of fun.

First I met Cheryl at The Neptune Room

.. its just got the best fish on the UWS .. really .. however it has become baby friendly; something I am not .. okay, I do like children/babies but not in restaurants .. really people .. all those strollers that clog the sidewalks are annoying enough but to bring them into a restaurant and park them alongside other diner's tables is really a bit much. And when your adorable infant begins to WAIL .. dont ignore them, do you really think the rest of us can tune them out as you do? We cant. I dont understand why a thinking adult would want to have to deal with a child/infant when out dining with other adults. End of rant.

After lunch we did a little boutique'ing .. CPW on Amsterdam and BOC on Columbus. Lots of lovely new FALL clothes.

And then we wandered down Columbus to Prohibition .. such a cool bar/restaurant..live music .. tho I am embarrassed to say I have no idea who these people are I did love listening to them .. standing in the sunshine ..

Have you ever been to the little enclosed park on Amsterdam? I used to see people in there gardening but not so much lately .. and its such a pretty place