Sunshine Sunday

What a pretty morning .. sun is shining through the leaves of the strange old tree that lives right outside our front window .. dId I mention we live in a small but cozy ground floor apartment in a brownstone.. a few steps from Riverside Park. I'm married and we have two cats .. Gus and Rosie ..that's Rosie on the new comforter .. she's too smart for the room .. she always knows when I am about to snap her photo and closes her eyes or turns her head .. seriously .. every time.

As always I digress .. finding my voice here will be interesting .. bear with me.

I did go back out yesterday and I walked down to BB&B .. intending to take pix along the way to share .. I got as far as 72 St and reached into my bag only to discover I didnt have my camera .. I am sure exclaiming FUCK ME loudly startled the little old lady walking near me .. you'll have to wait on pix of the vet's office and other equally fascinating aspects of my adventures.

I spent a little time in the Green Market that inhabits the small cement triangle where Columbus Avenue merges with Broadway and pushes Amsterdam into Ninth .. the amazing produce would have made for tasty photos .. but I did get to BB&B.

I got that new top sheet .. of course it was a comedy getting it on the bed .. a simple shake and lay turned into a debate over which side was up and which end was top  .. all because I had ache in my right shoulder/scapula from the combo of sleeping weird and carrying the stuff I got at BB&B all the way from 64 St ..

What else did I get?

A picture frame that is fabulous .. its 2 lucite 'blocks' connected by MAGNETS (2 little round magnets .. 1 top, 1 bottom) you pull them apart and put the photo in and let the magnets 'attract' .. its supposed to be for a 2x3 but I trimmed down a 4x6 and it looks great ..  it was $7.99 and its made by Colours.

I love BB&B, I could wander for hours .. listening to Sting on my iPod Shuffle I managed to find other 'bargains' .. wash cloths on sale for .99 cents (I got 3 .. red, purple and navy blue) .. a new coffee mug (okay, it wasn't on sale but it was so funky)

This truly retro shower cap .. I know, I know ... who wears a shower cap? .. I DO !.. and it was $3.99 .. Conair (which I always thought was ConAir .. duh)

Not a bad haul for a Fashionista intending only to get a flat sheet, eh .. and today I'll spend time with my friend Cheryl and have brunch and wander the shops along Columbus as well as the Columbus Avenue Fall Festival .. so come on back and see what happens ..