Saturday aka Beautification Day

Its 64 and foggy, overcast .. okay .. its DARK .. it rained last nite and things look so clean .. I can hear the birds in the park and the dog walkers .. its cozy here at my desk .. pretty lamp lighting my keyboard .. cats alternatively begging .. snuggling .. Saturday is my day to beautify. Its a weekly ritual. Mani/Pedi at Susie's then a short walk downstairs to Curl Up and Dye Salon for a wash/blow out .. and then a wander .. along Broadway to see what's new in the shops .. to pick up munchies at Westside .. cheese, bread, fruit ..

The sun is out .. its a little warmer now .. I've been beautified and now I am thinking of going out again and looking for some new sheets .. got a new comforter ...

and heading back to Westside to get those munchies .. I had to come back and have lunch so I don't buy out the store shopping hungry

Here's a photo of my Saturday morning beautification destination ..

and my friend Cheryl about to get her hair cut