from inside riverside park

i had the big camera
 with me
 we walked

 toward 88th street 
do you have those 
he asked

 i couldn't recall
 a few wasted pixels
i did
 i didn't

 i also spotted
 the moon
i dont think 
 can see it


  1. It was on a walk in NYC that I saw the Statue of Liberty. Just barely. Never got any closer.

    I wondered if the statue was more distant these days, harder to reach.

    Here's my Wordless Wednesday.

  2. Love those blue skies ... I looked for the moon, but couldn't see it.

  3. Look at that glorious blue sky! Doesn't it feel like spring, even if it's a bit away still? Now I want to get the D5 out and haul it around town. :)

  4. I would LOVE to take a walk around NYC with a camera right now. :)


  5. No such thing as wasted pixels, not from you anyway.

  6. I like the branches. You can take the same shot with leaves in a matter of weeks!


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