did i tell you this?

did i tell you this? 

i had a dentist periodontist appointment
 due to a sore gum

 i have a high pain threshold
 root canals
the nerves are removed
the roots

 so i dont know
 they call it
 root canal



 i had a periodontist appointment
 no need for a root canal

 a simple
 shot or two
 then some digging around
 followed by an antibiotic 
 a follow up appointment in 2 weeks

it was such a nice morning 
the appointment was 8:45
 i slept til 6 
a full 30 minutes 
later than usual

 i left the apartment at 8
 it was not dark
 it was not cold

 i felt like walking

 i walked 
 the way
central park south
 seventh avenue

i thought
 i might
 take the bus
 the office
 in the end
 i did
 so heavy
 so slow 
i got off
 walked the last 8 blocks

 it was such a nice day
 even tho i am writing this on wednesday evening 
i know
 it will be nasty
 it will be cold
 it might even be

 the past 4 days 
 a tease

 mother nature

 not nice

i can 
 these photos
i took
i walked to the dentist

 it was such a nice day

 being swept

 street washers 
 being refilled

 being blue

looking up 
 a delight

it was such a nice day

did i tell you this?


  1. We've been teased some lately, too, here in Portland, Oregon. I've managed to walk half way to work the past two mornings, about 37 degrees, no rain, no wind for the entire mile. Pretty soon it will rain again, but if the wind's not blowing, I should still be able to walk most of that mile, if not all of it. When I'm not walking, I'm on a bus or a streetcar or using a Zipcar, one of those car-sharing services. I love living in the city!

  2. I forgot to tell you that my post today is about a location I've walked by in the past, on my morning commute to work walks. I took them over a period of time and plan to go back there as soon as the morning light will allow a decent photo so that I can document and share the changes I believe that I will find.

  3. If you did I didn't see it because we were away all last week and I'm just catching up with my blog reading! I do not like going to the dentist at all, I'm a coward. Glad your appointment went well. We've had a few days of Spring weather, it was really warm yesterday! Today, however, it's cold again and dismal. :(

  4. Way to make lemonade! Robert had the dentist today in the UK too, then tried to convince me I should go for a cleaning. Must be something in the ether. It surprised me that sanitation trucks refill from fire hydrants, but then...duh...where else? Boy I can be a bit slow...lol.

  5. I found myself watching for Uncle Bill, Sissy, Buffy and Jodie on the trip I took with you...though I am sure I spied Mr French looking out that fifth story window...thanks for the trip

  6. Now you did! Such beautiful shots of the buildings and the bare trees.

  7. Delightful feeling! I feel your Spring in this post and it is wonderful at LAST. It will be back. Intoxication awaits

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    =^..^= <3

  8. It must have been a week for dentists!
    Root canal on Monday.
    Black eye (from it) on Tuesday.
    Good thing I have a sense of humor! :-)

  9. Bummer on the continuing dental appointments. But yay on being out and walking!


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