unsung hero

you want to know
 who performed best
 worked hardest
 this super bowl weekend? 

it was
 the nyc delivery guys
 the guys
 who rush you
 your hot food
 while its still hot
you ordered

all new york neighborhood restaurants
 take out

 we call it
 take out 
even tho
 we are not usually the ones
 taking it out

 this guy
 out delivering
 someone's breakfast order
 one morning
 in november
i was on jury duty 

it looks
 it was raining
that morning

 like the mail person
 these guys
making their way to you 

i hope
 if you order in
cold or wet
 day/ night 
you tip 
the delivery guy
even tho
 he didn't
 cook the food or serve it
 he made sure
 you got it 
it was hot


  1. So true.

    On a separate note - I really like your style/structure of writing.

  2. Yep there are those who always have to work when other people are taking time off, and get to take time off when everyone else is at work. They don't get paid well though so I agree - tip them well.

  3. It must suck to be a Superbowl fan and male and working. Funny story, yesterday I was at morning yoga, 9:30am, and the instructor said, "I hate to point out the obvious but there is a general lack of men in the class this morning, it's as though something is happening today." C and I are not much for football so we ran out for some groceries while the game was on....actually, I'm not sure the game was on because I actually don't know when the game was on...but must have been because there were only about 2 dozen people in the superstore, mostly women, and the men had that much bitched about look on their faces. They were well fed up! LOL. Hope you had a nice time if you watched. I was glad to hear my neighbours the Seahawks won. (Found out on FB) :)

  4. also the guy who had to tow my car 50 miles just before kickoff and ahead of the storm which hit us today (after the dispatcher told me it might not get taken to the dealer but stored for the night). i tipped him well because it was cold and i am sure he'd rather have been sitting in his office hoping no one called so he could enjoy the game.

  5. One of the great, great things about NYC.

  6. I'll never understand folks who don't tip the delivery guy.


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