things i love

i love my husband
 he falls asleep during a movie
 he was dying to see
i love my cats
 i love how on some days/evenings
 they lie together so peacefully 
i love my apartment 
it could use a good cleaning
 fresh paint
 new floors 
 its so cozy comfy such a real home
i love blogging
 i love lying in bed at night
 thinking about
 what i might write about
 i love writing
 even more than taking photos
 i have always loved taking photos
 writing is new
 i love the subways
 the other morning on the express
 a man was talking to himself
 a well dressed
 nice looking
 older man
 no one paid any attention
 i had just seen
set sometime in the not so distant future
 is always plugged
 their computer
walking talking
 as if to themselves 
i think thats why i noticed him
 of course
 i immediately thought 
i will write about this
 i forgot about it
i sat down
write something else 
i cant remember


  1. AND a water tower.

    I love it ALL too, Dar

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. I can easily see that you love both writing and photography. You are so good at both of them.
    I hope you had a nice holiday season and have a great 2014.

  3. OMG I love, love, love this -- it must me minimalist day.

    Isn't it great to keep on discovering things we love?

  4. The thoughts and detours of the mind are fascinating, how one thing leads to another and another. Sometimes my post-menopausal mind forgets where I's great to get back there somehow :-)

  5. Definitely lots of good things to love, and I love this shot. Great simplicity. xo.

  6. I have made a commitment starting the 15th (I really cannot before; obligations that I cannot put off) to sit once a week in some cafe to write. I get way tooooo distracted here at home.

    That said, that's an exceptional water tower photo.

  7. Funny how that happens.

    Right now, I'm not loving my internet connection very much. It's been running painfully slowly, if at all for the past few days. Probably snow/ice on the satellite. I'm way behind in visits.

  8. And I love this, mainly because I could have written it about myself...thanks for sharing how much we are alike

  9. Daryl, and I love having such a great Blog friend! I look forward, daily, to your posts!
    All my best to you!!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Daryl, Sorry, didn't think it went through the first time! But the reiteration is good too!

  12. Ok, so talking to himself like crazy? And that's a cool water tower/plane shot.

  13. I love that you love your husband. And I love that photo...

  14. branchatic thinking is so much fun to read. happy thoughts. xo


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