a tale of two women ...and, yes, a dog photo

our timewarner
dvr box
 had been
 acting wonky

it didnt record
a football bowl game

 schlepped up to 90th street
 in the freezing cold
 to get a replacement 

he called me when he got home
 he had bad news
 terrible news

 i opted for terrible

 the 'new' dvr box
 not working 
completely useless

 the bad news:
earliest repair appointment

 oh yeah 
there was good news
we were on
priority list

 tuesday evening
 we got
 an automated call
 monday appointment

what happened to friday?

at the office
i got
automated appointment
my mobile
it cut off
i called them back

 i got a rep named
who was
 so so sorry

 she listened 
to my tale of woe
 not once
several times
 look into it
 get back to me

after i hung up
i said outloud
i wont hold my breath

 i took to social media
 i tweeted
 i facebooked
 i whined

 a friend who readed my facebook post
he thought
 he might be able to help
 he offered
 a name and a contact # at timewarner

 i called 
i spoke to another woman 
who listened
 who apologized
 who said 
she would see what could be done

she took our home #
called back
she called back 3 times

got us a repair appointment
 friday afternoon
 she heard 
was looking forward
 to watching a football game
 saturday afternoon 

its people like her 
who help me 
 how good customer service can be 
 there's actually someone who cares about the customer

the repair guy showed up 20 minutes late but he showed
the problem?
the new box has a different setting for HDMI then the old one
it was a simple matter of changing a setting

totally unrelated to the above
this is
a french bulldog appropriately named
coco chanel


  1. I don't know how every wifi company in North America, perhaps the world, has two kinds of service people: the ones who serve cheerfully and competently, and the ones who make us sit and wait.
    I hope Toonman is happily watching his games this weekend. My husband is refereeing basketball for the third or fourth day in a row (I confuse easily).
    He did have time this morning to take Lindy to the groomer. She came home even more gorgeous than ever. But that French Bulldog you met is as cute as anything, isn't she?

  2. Oh no! I was reading along and thinking of all sorts of sympathetic, indignant and helpful things to say and then I saw THAT TONGUE! And it all flew out the window! :) Robert is laughing!

  3. OMG that doggie face made everything bad go away. :)

  4. Coco Chanel would be Proud! Or she'd don the pup with some beautifications, that's for sure.

  5. Oh yes service. Love it when it works. Hate it when it is indifferent.

    Our company swithched maintenance drugs to a mailorder company.

    I've been without my Zocor for two weeks now. Despite all sorts of promises.

  6. Sure glad that after all of that, you have a working DVR box!! I am sure Toonman is happy. :-)

    Love Coco Chanel. Look at that face!!!! xo.

  7. It's rather nice to be on the receiving end of the really good service. All too often, these days, that's just not the case. Love that face!

  8. Daryl, glad you got things straightened out! And actually got some good service after all!
    Nice to see your temperatures have risen!
    Hope you have a great weekend

  9. Daryl, glad you got things straightened out! And actually got some good service after all!
    Nice to see your temperatures have risen!
    Hope you have a great weekend

  10. I had to deal with several customer service reps in the last month. All, but one went above and beyond to help me! Really good customer service is hard to come by anymore, but when you get one or two people that do their jobs well, well that just makes my day! And the reps on the other end, I tell them just how much I appreciate someone like themselves who actaully takes the time to do the job they were hired to do! We usually end up chatting for a bit about other "non service" related things.

    We are watching a football game as I type this. Hope Toonman is enjoying his game watching too!

  11. Oh and Coco looks like a sweetie and like maybe she was ready to give you a kiss!


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