what a difference a week makes...

last week
it was snowing
 i was out
 the big camera
 (and the iPhone) 

this photo 
was shared last weekend on instagram
 it seemed appropriate
 to share it here
 on saturday
 it features a dog

  it got
 two groups
 made-in-my and ig_nycity

 i was really very excited about it 

i like to think
 i take a good photo
 photos that
 tell a story
 so when a photo is singled
 out by peers
 its sort of 
 makes me feel
 as if 
i really am good at it

enough of that
 my arm's getting tired from patting myself on the back 

this week
 its a lot warmer 

 its due to be in the mid 60s
 supposed to break a record
 i am sure
 there will be crazy people
 walking around
 in shorts
 without coats

 not me

 i am going to the eastside
 for my monthly massage
 if i see any short wearers
i will snap you a photo


  1. Congratulations on the photo. It's a wonderful slice of life!

  2. It's an awesome photo & worthy of all the pats on the back! I haven't been on instagram in so long, I think I've forgotten how to use it. :/

  3. Your eye is why I joined your blog years ago, Year in and year out I'm well rewarded for my visits here.

    ALOHA to YOU
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  4. Nicely done! It feels so good, doesn't it? I know that the few times someone has added one of my flickr photos to a group I felt really special. I know I'm in the business of selling images but it's so nice to have recognition, and your photos deserve it. X

  5. Congratulations Daryl! You should be rewarded!! You have an awesome eye!! xo

  6. You deserve a pat on the back. Good one, Daryl.

  7. Good for you, getting the recognition on a great photo. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back a couple times for me, ok?

  8. I'll pat you on the back some more. You are really good at it.

    Can I put in an order. Female shorts wearers? Short skirts are nice also.

    Sorry for being such a perv.

  9. You *are* good at this! And yes, I know what you mean about getting featured on IG -- it's a huge thrill.

  10. Frosty is definitely melting.
    No white Christmas here, I am quite sure. :-(

    Love, love, love this photograph, and a big, very well-deserved congratulations on being recognized for it. xo.


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