spring grove cemetery and arboretum

what a week

thank you all for your well wishes 
 the surgery was more involved and longer
 it  is done
 i am healing
 i had great drugs
 have some more
 in case
 i wont need them

 wasnt in the mood to be chatty
 i was cranky
 it might have been hard to tell
 since i am always cranky
 ask Toonman

 did you know
 its really difficult 
to chew on only one side of your mouth?

 that eating ice cream after mouth surgery
 is like a cold compress 
for the inside of  your mouth?

 i give you
 for free
 what it cost me
 a lot to learn

 thank goodness 
 dental coverage 
even tho Dr V is 'not in the plan'
 they'll reimburse me 
 it is
 will be 
found money, 
ya know

poor me
go ahead
 say it
poor you

i cannot find the physical stock shares i own 
 would this be an alert the press issue?
 a stock i own
 sent me
 a registered letter
 i send them
stock certificates
it seems 
i have ignored their previous requests
 i had no idea
 what the legal claptrap
 i asked the SILESQ
 who explained it 
and then told me
 what to do
 after that
 she told me
 send them in

i would 
 i could

this might be why 
i ignored
 their previous requests
 the lawyer part of SILESQ
 by this choice
 to ignore
 a legit request

 i dont believe
 i ever 
 those certificates 
i am a very organized person 
if i had them,
 i would know 
where they were

 i do not throw things out 
without looking at them 

i did not throw them out

 where the flippin' flock are they?

i am going to have 
'pay the $7 and get make up certificates'
 they're called

 its not

i have other stock



  1. Hope the healing continues to go smoothly - milk that ice cream thing for all it's worth.

    PS Safety deposit box maybe?

  2. glad the surgery went well, hope you feel better soon...jello is good too...
    Pay the $7 for the stocks and the originals will magically appear (happens to us all the time after misplacing/losing something).
    You could never be grumpy!

  3. I'm with Robin...check out the safe deposit box. Sometimes, it is amazing what can be found there! Sure hope your mouth is feeling better D...I have been hanging in and I know that I have to go back and see my dental dude...but I've been putting it off. So ridiculously expensive. It is truly unbelievable. Have a great weekend! A Pain Free weekend...hopefully.

  4. So glad to hear the surgery went well, hope it's cured the problem Daryl. Eating icecream as a cold compress seems like a good ruse to me. ;)

  5. I'm glad that you are getting better.

    I don't have any certificates either. If you find yours, see if mine are with them, okay?

  6. Glad you are on the mend! I don't think I've seen physical stock certificates for 40 years! oy, indeed and gah

  7. Good to have the worst part behind you..
    let the healing begin !

    Amd what a great shot.... postcard worthy for sure.

  8. Glad you are doing better, and you're not cranky!!
    Okay, now you have me thinking about where some stock certificates are. Hmmmm, now I'M feeling a bit cranky!! :-)

    Wonderful photograph. Makes me think of (much) warmer weather.

  9. Dear Daryl, you need to toss this first week of 2013 out the window and start again next week. You deserve to be a little cranky. Enjoy the ice cream and feel better soon:-)

  10. At least there is no mouth pain to minor annoyances, of which life is rife...

  11. Glad you are on the mend. Crankiness is quite fine when tooth pain is involved!

  12. where is the safety deposit key?

    'pay the $7 and get make up certificates' lol, is that the going price of forgeries?

  13. Daryl, glad you are feeling better! And glad everything went well!
    I hate dealing with all that financial type stuff too!

  14. First of all, that's a beautiful photo. SEcond, glad you're doing OK after the surgery. Third, I'd just pay the money to get new ones but only after tearing the place upside down, not a pretty sight.

  15. Hey you have an excuse to eat ice cream! Though I'm sure you wish you hadn't. I *hate* it when I've put something in a safe place, only to have it disappear. Maybe hidden in your bank papers?

  16. Gah. I need to backtrack and read. I'm glad you are feeling better, although I have no idea from what...hence...more reading. xoxoxox

  17. I'm so glad you're feeling better and not needing those extra drugs! Good luck with those stock certificates. I can always find every last thing I don't need, including random ticket stubs from ten years ago, but never the important things that I swear I put in a safe place. I guess it's actually that safe place I can never find. Anyway, good luck!!

  18. Yes, drugs are the answer! Better living through pharmaceuticals...working for a pharm. co., that's one of our fun office mottos. What can I say! And those stock certs...what a pain. Years ago my mom had the same deal with a request for the actual papers. She had the originals. Usually, today, I would think a broker would keep the certificates. Again, what a pain. Hopefully this pain will pass soon, like your tooth pain. Enjoy the deserve a great one! AND great photo!

  19. had oral surgery?!!! I'd take ice cream over drugs any day (really). Hope all is mending well. Check the very back (and bottom) of the file cabinet (or whatever you use as one). Trust me...

  20. When I am playing catch up I usually start reading the oldest posts first...Truly so sorry to read that your dental problems have been so terrible...I have been through getting an implant so I am always sympathetic for any dental pain...and this seems to have been going on for too long!

  21. How good that its all over Daryl and yes I agree health insurance is a must. I live in fear that either P or Aimee will ask me to find filing system is legendary bad!!

  22. glad you're doing better. i can understand why the stock thing is so maddening.

  23. Ugh.. I miss a lot when I don't stay caught up. I'm glad you're on the mend.

  24. oh dear glad the surgery is over...and paperwork mysteries are always so maddening! I hear ya on that one.


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